Friday, November 20, 2009

Keen on Clean: Thanks Mom & Dad!!!

So this is one of those times when I've read something that just compels me to post immediately (or as 'immediately' as my lil baby will allow :D) I was casually bloghopping this morning, when I saw on someone's blogroll, a post with the intriguing title "No one ever thanked their mom in an acceptance speech for keeping the house clean".

I was ridiculously happy on reading it; I mean, there I was battling an oncoming headache, trying to think positive and keep it at bay and then I read this post, was grinning from ear to ear, all potential aches & pains vanquished!!! That's how great it feels to know that there are other people who take cleanliness very seriously, because as I have resignedly observed, most of the people I know, don't.

And I guess that's due to the fact that as Sraboney Ghose titled her post, no one ever thanked their mom in an acceptance speech for keeping the house clean. As my mother noted several times over the years, housework is a thankless job; there's no reward in it other than your own satisfaction of living in a clean home and the occassional recognition from those rare souls who think like you.

Growing up, both my parents raised us to be particular about cleanliness. We pitched into help and did whatever mom asked us to do (sometimes a bit later than when she wanted it done :D). We enjoyed living in our clean & beautiful home, but I have to admit that most of the time, especially in my younger years, I took it for granted. It was only towards the end of my teens and later that I really started observing other houses, seeing the very noticeable difference between others' and my home, and realizing the worth of my mother's tireless daily efforts.

But this post is not so much about her's or my dad's hard work, as it is about my response to it. Sraboney's post drove home a point: it struck me that, in comparison to how much sweat & blood they've given to the maintenance of our home, I haven't thanked them nearly enough. Sure, I've mentally thanked God countless times for parents like them, but I haven't said it to them as often as I should have.

I have been a homemaker for almost two years now and try daily to live up to the same values my parents instilled in me. I have an additional responsibility now of fostering the same in my little girl, and its easier said than done. Looking back at my own life, I know how many years it took me to realize what my parents had done (and are still doing!), let alone acknowledge & appreciate it.

My mother once said that its thanks enough when she comes to my home and sees that I'm living the way I was raised, that I run my home the way I was taught. But a verbal (or written!) expression of gratitude never hurt anyone, right?

I might never have a chance to deliver an acceptance speech in front of the world, so I guess my blog is as public as it gets for now. Nonetheless, Mom & Dad, from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU FOR RAISING ME TO KEEP THE HOUSE CLEAN!!!


  1. You yourself.the way you are is a biggest thank to your mother..nothing verbal can be better than watching your child living with values you taught.
    As you are lucky to have a mother like her, so is she to have you as a daughter.

  2. Renu - exactly what my mom said, its through our life we show our thanks :)

  3. My daughter never thanks me for anything, but then everybody who meets her and her inlaws, their reactions tell me that she has her values intact and thats the biggest thanks to me..I would rather have her than a daughter who adores her mother but doesnt behave otherwise.

    Your mom and me seem to me so alike, would like to meet her sometime:)

  4. I so agree, Shalom! I am very thankful to my parents too, for having brought me up with a sense of cleanliness.

    And not just at home either. They used to ensure that we never dirty public places either.I remember my mom showing me how people, by littering trains and buses make it so unpleasant for others - at a very young age. Now I try to inculcate the same in my daughter..

  5. Yes dear.. how we live our lives is a reflection of what our parents taught us and thats the biggest regard they can get. But ya.. from a kid's point of view, it never hurt to say it out aloud. So the thank you never hurt :) Good going Shalom!

  6. :) My pet peeve too.

    My mom is super clean, n she tells me I follow her to the T. But it is only when I went to stay in a hostel with a roommate, that I realised I was exactly irritated with untidyness, flithly rooms, smelly cups, n dirty eating habits and a lot more like her, with regards to cleanliness...

    And as Renu has said, it is our upbringing that gets reflected when we behave n act in a society. The words of praise for their children are rewards in itself for their moulding...


  7. So true.. I am also a thankless kid. Feel pretty bad when I see my mom slogging. I guess it is time to pull up my socks and go announce it to them right away :-)

  8. I liked Renu's comment, our actions say it all and parents would definitely be happy with that :)

  9. Aww so true :) Whatever I am today, its just bcoz they brought me up this way :) I am happy am not competing with the other people in contributing to the trash in public places .. thanks to my parents :)

    Beautiful post Shalom :)

  10. Smitha - I hate it too when people use public places like their private trash cans. And its absolutely essential to pass on good values to your child as early on as possible.

    Renu - oh you do think so like my mom, in fact I would say you are my blogosphere mom!!! I think you both would definitely connect if God ever chooses to make you meet :D

    Amrita - thank you!!!

    PNA - that is one reason both my sis & I didn't choose colleges which would require us to stay in hostels....we didn't know what sort of roomies we'd end up with & neither of us could bear the thought of living with someone who might be on a different track cleanliness-wise.

    Swaram - thank you!!! We are so indebted to our parents, aren't we?

    Lostworld - yeah, it takes time to become aware of how hard they work & realising the importance of that. Plz do go & thank them right away :D

  11. You know,Shalom there has not been a day when I dont feel blessed for the way my parents have brought me up because now I'm bringing up my daughter with the same values with which I was raised. I think by doing that I'm thanking them in my own way

  12. Deeps - that's the challenge for me too, raise my girl the way I was raised!