Monday, November 02, 2009

The Best of Us!!!

I'd mentally started off on this post a hundred times, but floundered when it came to taking it forward. It wasn't for a lack of things to write about; rather, just like it happened after marriage, I feel waaaay too much for words to express.

So I'll just simply shout it out from the rooftop (or rather, my laptop :P), that

I have a DAUGHTER!!!!!

God!!!! I remember the first time I used the words "my daughter" in a conversation some weeks ago, I stopped mid-sentence, wondering if it had all really happened or if it was a dream. Well, it did really happen, so here's the when, where & how:

'When' was 31 Aug - she surprised us by arriving a week before the due date :) 'Where' was Bangalore and 'how' was a normal delivery (thank You God again!!!!), following a completely "uneventful" - to use the word from my medical file - pregnancy (more heartfelt thanks to God).

But while the pregnancy itself was uneventful, life in the last trimester and in the two months since certainly has been very eventful, hence the long absence from the blog. I missed this space terribly, missed writing, not to mention the dear friends I made here (thanks to all of you who enquired about us!), and I definitely will catch up with everyone soon. Now that I've put up this initial piece, hopefully the blogging will pick up pace again.

In the meanwhile, here's my darling little Kristyn, born a mini replica of her papa, but now slowly starting to look like me. Either way, she remains the best of us :D


  1. Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!

    She is soooooo beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. aww... aww.. aww...... hugs and kisses,and more for lil Kristyn. she is simply adorable. Its great to have you blogging again Shalom. And a big CONGRATULATIONS on this new event in your life.

  3. cute kiddo!!
    Wishing u happy times ahead!!

  4. Abboo! shweetie pie! That is why you went missing.


  5. Avery big congrats!!!!!!!!!!!
    She is so cute, adorable. Happy to see you back!

  6. Thanks so much everyone :D :D

    And shes adorableeeeeee....

    And boy did I miss you and used to be so so so curious as to whats up at your end... Very happy to hear all was good :) :)

    This was one of the bestest posts i read in a longggggg time

  8. Shalom so good to see u back;-D!!!!

    Congrats!!! Glad to know everythign went off well. Baby Kristyn looks adorable!!!!

  9. I had written a mail I think around september sometime..did u get that???

  10. Amrita & Nancy - thank you guys so much!!! Glad to be back too :D

  11. Congratulations!!!!!

    and she is lovely.. very happy for you :)

  12. Congratulations!! You must be so excited!

    Kristyn looks so so adorable!

    Hugs and kisses to the little darling!

    Great to have you back!

  13. Shalom...she is beautiful...A BIGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG Congratulation to you. I was thinking of you few days back and did a countdown from that time when you shared the good news and figured you've had the baby :). So soo nice to see her.

  14. Congratulations to the proud mama & papa! Kristyn is adorable.

    You know,Shalom I felt immensely proud of myself the day I gave birth to my li'l one!
    agreed the father has as much a role to play,but to nurture your precious little with utmost care while she is within you,and finally be able to bring her out into the world makes you feel so empowered that you realize its no less a feat accomplished!

    Each day I see my li'l one grow up I realize how blessed my husband & I are!

    Children truly are a blessing!

    All the best wishes to the proud parents and li'l angel :)

  15. Congratulations to the proud parents !!!!!!

    Baby Kristyn looks like a blissful angel. Lovely name too :-) Very sweet photo. Her smile made my day!!

  16. Wow! U r from Bangalore :) Nice to know! I see that we hv so many common interests :) Nice to know u :)
    Off to read the post nw :)

  17. Oh what a time to visit ur blog! Am so thankful to u for hvng visited mine and getting me here :)

    Congratulations :) U r such a nice person to thank God for all the blessings :) Luv u :)

    Kristyn is so so adorable :) Hugs to her :)

    Added u to my blogroll :)
    May the Lord always shower his choicest blessings on ur family as he has been dng now and forever :)

  18. ISH & Smitha & A - Thank you!!!!

    Deeps - Thank you!!! Agree wholeheartedly that we've been immensely blessed!

    Lostworld - Thanks!!! Her smile makes our day too :D

    Swaram - Thank you so much for your sweet words :D I'm glad I visited your blog too. Btw, only a Banglorean post-marriage....a Bombayite by birth :), but I like both cities.

  19. oh my shalom, what a beautiful little angel!!!! Congratulations to the young family....

    she's adorable!!!! i am so glad you shared this image with us :)

  20. Moi - Hi, thanks so much!!!!