Friday, November 06, 2009

Going Ga-Ga Over Gu-Gu!

My baby girl is nearly 10 weeks old now, but even within this short span of time, she's changed (and changing!) so fast!!! Its not only her appearance, but also her personality. The near-silent, frail little child who only uttered the softest mewling cries post-birth is now a sturdier, bigger version who's not shy at all about being heard!

While previously she only tested her vocal range in terms of how loudly she could yell, these days she's started making those typically baby gurgling sounds and its the cutest thing ever!!!

Her word of choice as of now is "uh-gu" with the ocassional variation thrown in, so when she's awake & content, that's what our vocabulary gets reduced to :D We're gu-guing and gurgling and coochie-cooing, and sometimes (when we go a bit overboard, I think :D), she looks at us with this half-curious, half-amused expression almost as if she's thinking: "What the hell???? These guys are supposed to be the adults!!!"

But its not as if we're only indulging in baby talk; I've read about the importance of speaking to babies early on itself and so I keep talking to her just about everything and anything, not at all difficult if you're me ..... I can yammer on and on and relentlessly on ...... all in the hope of hearing one little "uh-gu" :) That's the sound that makes our day these days!


  1. oh that must be so so cute :)
    Hugs to the angel :)

    "What the hell???? These guys are supposed to be the adults!!!" - Ha ha gud one :)

  2. awwwwwwwwwww.... i can so imagine your excitement and joy! Keep teh chatting going, its a wonderful thing to do, I can somehow never talk.... and that is making BB quite a silent child.

  3. Aww! The sweetie pie! I can imagine all of you doing everything possible to get a gu-gu out of her :)

  4. i can so totally understand.. the look that kiddos give.. kinda what the hell.. u being an adult should be in a position to handle THIS situation
    When my niece was here, she used to do that so often. And they do change so drastically from 0-8 months I feel.
    Good that you can talk relentlessly to your kiddo. I aint much of a talker. As in talking saps my energy :( Wonder i should let the radios play for my kids or mebbe some of the those song demand shows run. :S

  5. Swaram - you have to see her expression to believe it :D

    Passionate Goof - I'd never have guessed you don't talk much given how passionately you blog!!! Anyway, BB is an amazing kid & the world needs the silent type too to balance out us chatterboxes :D

    Smitha - :D

    Amrita - you know, maybe I should play more music for my kid too...I think she could use a break from me sometimes :D

  6. How sweeettt!!!! I envy babies. They are the centre of attraction (everyone going gaga) even with just 'gu-gu's'. :-)

  7. How shweeeet! I too started talking to my baby when she was just a few weeks old. It certainly helped my baby to pick up words faster and me to build up that comfort level with her.

  8. Enjoy this stage as much as u possibly can....I personally loved this stage with my kids. They have lots of naps & lie where u place them;-D

  9. Lostworld - oh she is totally the centre of attention when people come over....and she loves every bit of it too :D

    Deeps - yup, I'm hoping she'll talk sooner that way. Even if she doesn't, at least she'll get used to her chatterbox mama :D

    Reflections - LOL on they "lie where u place them" :D :D

  10. haha!!!!! i can see what a baby does to a mom's blogging.............keep 'em stories coming :)

  11. Moi - yup, it seems it becomes all about them, doesn't it??? :D