Friday, December 05, 2008

Wishful Thinking

Yesterday, one of the news channels ran a story on the kind of gizmos the 26/11 terrorists were carrying, and also on how intensively and extensively they were trained. As I saw the story, I was once again amazed by the tremendous wealth such organizations possessed, and even more amazed by the brains and the management behind such acts of terror.

And then I wondered, wished ......

What if the people who masterminded these acts of destruction put their considerable talent and resources to constructive use? If they invested all those millions wasted in weaponry, into schools and colleges, into creating jobs - honest, legal jobs - so that their youth could have a chance at a decent life, instead of being filled with hate and going down paths that lead only to death?

When I think about it this way, of all the good that could've been done with that much money, that much ability, the sense of loss is staggering!!!

How can these people be so blind, so stupid??? And then to keep saying that they're doing all this for their God ........ what an insult it is to God!!!

Here's a thought: instead of executing innocent people, how about lending a helping hand in whatever way possible? Instead of dying for God, how about living for God???


  1. Anonymous8:53 PM

    It is mind boggling indeed. The "work" that goes into their "projects"...

    The difference between them working on their things and a normal person working on his is sanity/insanity. These people are insane. They almost look sane, you know, they plan, they train, they work hard but what makes the INSANE is their motivations. Completely insane.

    I believe that they are drugged heavily to the point where they have no judgement.

  2. Indeed, the amount of resources wasted on such activities really is staggering, and yet we keep killing. I have started to believe we are a self destructive species you know. Making destructive plans comes easier to us rather than help teh millions dying around teh world.

  3. This is the biggest irony of life, that so much of brain and money is being misused for destruction.

  4. U knw, u have a way of putting in writing what I cant seem to...
    Agree with every word written here.

  5. Agnes - its so shocking to see how these people view the world, their perspectives are so warped, so twisted its scary!!!

    Goofy Mumma - yes helping less privileged people is immensely hard work. Change for the better doesn't happen overnight, it takes time and dedicated effort, and sometimes even with the best of effort, things don't always turn out well. It must seem much easier to find someone to blame for the problems and then blow them up.

    Renu - very true! More than irony, I think its one of the greatest tragedies of our time.

  6. Reflections - likewise on your posts!

  7. So true. I was thinking about the same thing a few days ago. I dunno if it feels wrong, but somewhere deep down in my heart, I feel sorry for the terrorist (I am in for flak here i know). I dont know what circumstances propelled them to become that way, surely they were;nt born that way. Yes I am equally angry about the lives lost, but sometimes I wonder, just what if these kids were given a chance to do something something better...and not brainwashed by a bunch of hooligans, wouldn't they probably be someone just like us, maybe even blogging like us and angry likes us at whatever has happened? But no excuse for what they are now, whatever they have become...whatever they did is not justified in the name of anything..not even God!

  8. Smriti - no, no flak at all, because I too feel sorry for them....they don't realise how they're being used and abused. These boys who actually do these things are only pawns, they're ready to go out and die, not realising that the masterminds behind these things are safely away in their homes with plenty of wealth to enjoy. And no, I don't think that anyone is born with such tremendous evil.....something happens along life's path that makes them turn to such courses, and for all our sakes, we better understand what these things are so that we can remedy them and prevent future generations from turning into terrorists.

  9. That's an important point you mention - the people who sponsor terror. Instead of going after all these terrorists, can't the Govt. just identify these people and make sure that the funds are not spent for such purposes. If the funds are cut, they naturally have to go for jobs etc to make a living for themselves. What drives people to fund such activities?

    Destination Infinity

  10. DI - what makes people fund terror? Plain and simple, I think its greed. Greed for power and money. Religion is just an excuse, ultimately its all about the money. By spreading terror and chaos, somebody somewhere is profiting immensely and they're smart enough to cover their tracks and hide behind various front organizations.