Saturday, December 06, 2008

Awarded Again!!!

On the blog front, last week was really special, as I got not one, not two, but three awards!!! And what made it more special was that they were from people who are totally rocking bloggers themselves - Reflections, Deeplydip and Agnes :)

Reflections and Deeplydip both gave me this Butterfly Award.

Reflections gave this to me for my photoblog, and I will very proudly display it there as well, but I'm going to pass it forward from here itself. So I now give this award to some of the coolest blogs/bloggers I know:


Agnes gave me this award, but I didn't know what it was for, so I Googled it and its about "acknowledging the values that every blogger shows in his/her effort to transmit cultural, ethical, literary and personal values every day." Wow!!! Thanks again, Agnes :)

This now goes ahead to:

Goofy Mumma
My Space
Thought Warp

The rules for all these awards are pretty simple: put them up on your blogs (giving yourself a pat on the back!), link back to the person who gave it to you and spread the cheer to deserving blogs!!!


  1. hey Thanks Shalom!!I am a happy girl today :)
    and you so deserved the award yourself...

  2. Congrats!!!!! U totally deserve them:-)).
    And Thank U for mine though I'm not sure whether I qualify on all those counts....but it sure feels good;-P

  3. Deeplydip - thank you and you're most welcome :D

    Reflections - thanks!!! Yup, you absolutely do qualify in my book, hence the award :)

  4. Anonymous6:56 PM

    Congratulations, and so many thanks!!!

  5. hey thenk u thenk u
    and hey congratulations!!!

  6. Congrats to all the winners...and tooo :P

    Will be posting this really soon...tonite prolly :)

    Peace!! :)

  7. Congratulations to you.

    Thank you very much Shalom. A wonderful award for me.:) Just to be sure, is it for one of my blogs specifically or just for my general blogging skill ;)? Let me know , so that I can proudly display it.

  8. Agnes - you're always welcome :D

    ISH - shukriya and welcome :D (what's welcome in Hindi????)

    Smriti - absolutely, congrats to you too!!!

  9. Congratulations on getting so many awards ! U truely deserve all of them.

    And thanks for considering me for one of them.I am really honoured if i cud be considered an ambassador of my culture.

  10. Thank You Thank You Thank You :D

    and congrats on your awards babes....i think both defines what this blog is all about.
    will put up my award soon :)

  11. Anonymous9:01 PM

    Thank u sooooooo much girl!
    really really appreciate it coz v don't even 'know know' each other

    thnx again! m honoured!

  12. Goofy Mumma - Thanks!!! Well, honestly, I've just read Quack Rites and I really liked that....will be reading your other blog too and am sure it'll be just as good :)

    Renu - thank you!!! Please do feel honoured, because you're a terrific proponent of Indian culture :)

    A - thanks and welcome.....looking forward to seeing the award on your blog :D

    Swats - I haven't commented very often, but I read your blog regularly and think its totally kick-ass and very cool ..... hence the award :D

  13. My award is up. it's up :) please go see and read it :) and read it well till the end :)

    Thank You

  14. Have put it up. Thanks again. :)

  15. Anonymous7:29 PM

    Thanks :-)

    I've put it up and linked you here:

  16. A, Goofy Mumma & Agnes - you're all very welcome :D

  17. do i ever get around and say thank you for all the times you recognize my blog on yours........i am sorry, Shalom..........thank you for your shout-outs ! :)

  18. Moi - No problem. Your blog is a true inspiration for me, so you are always welcome!!!