Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Wishes!!!

So I'm sitting here right now with a slight backache, but I don't care coz I got it in a great way ...... we've been desperately decking up my in-laws place!!! I'm just thrilled I got to decorate more than one house this year.

And I'm absolutely over-the-moon THRILLED about my hair!!!! My sometimes-curly, sometimes-wavy, always-frizzy mane has been ironed into submission and is now swinging straight and shiny!!!

(I know its only going to last till the next wash, but oh, its such a treat for me!!!!)

That's all the time I have for this post ..... so here's wishing everyone who reads this a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!


  1. Wish you a very merry Christmas too!!

  2. Anonymous9:51 PM

    Merry Christmas Shalom and yay on your hair!!!!

  3. Wish U and ur family a very haapy Christmas and a New Year !

  4. Grass is always greener on the other side huh....coz here I always longed for wavy, curly hair:-P

    Tek care abt ur backache &

    HAPPY CHRISTMAS to u too!!!!!!!!!

  5. Goofy Mumma, Agnes & Renu - thank you so much!!!

    Reflections - you're right, but I do enjoy greener grass once in a while ;D

  6. hope u had a merrrrrrrrrrry christmas and a merrier new yr....
    hmmm the reason for back ache was ok.. but take care
    even i am gettin freq backaches :( :S

    hmmmm andddddddd u got ur hair straightened!! Whoa!! me too wanttttttt but a tad scared :(
    educate me...

  7. Merry Christmas Shalom :) Wanted to wish earlier but was cut off thanks to the ever reliable in non-reliability BSNL net connection ...hope you had a good time.

    I know the feeling with the straight hair...I try to take as much mileage out of it as long as its straight :P If I'm roaming around with a lot of friends....yay, means the hair is gorgeous :P

    P.S. YOU ARE TAGGED...and working on ur tag now :)

  8. merry christmas babe!! and a very happy new year, am sure u are having oodles of fun
    and i can totally relate to the hair bit., curling or straightening once in while feels great.. post a pic i say :)

  9. merry christmas babes....i'm sure the decorations look fantastic. so did you make the burfi? how was christmas. what plans for new years?

  10. Amrita - for the backaches, I think regular exercise, even just walking and simple stretches, help to keep them away.

    And about the hair, yay!!! I will gladly educate you: you can easily get your hair temporarily straightened either by ironing or blow-drying it. Ironing will leave it poker-straight and that's it, but with blow-drying you have more options like you could keep most of the hair straight and just have the ends curl. Ironing can be done by anyone, but to blow-dry and style properly takes more skill, so you should go to a good place. And if its done well, the effect will last 2-3 days or till your next hairwash.

    Which brings me to a very important point: once your hair is straightened, DO NOT wet it at be careful when you wash your face or bathe. Also, don't use tight hairbands or scrunchies. If you must keep it away from your face, use a loose clip coz tight bands will leave a sort of crimp or wave in the hair and ruin the straight look.

    Both ironing and blow-dry straighten hair by very high heat. This is actually not good for the hair, so when you wash it after, its better to apply hot oil first and condition it well.

    Permanent straightening is not an option for me as my hair is on the weaker side. If you're considering this, its better you consult with a pro first and they'll advise you based on the state of your hair. It has a lot of side effects so unless your hair is really strong, its better to stick to temporary straightening. I've been getting it done for a few years now, and just 2-3 times each year. If you condition the hair well after, there's really nothing to worry about. Just try it out once, maybe for this New Year's??? Hope this was helpful :D

  11. Smriti - thank you, and yes, Christmas was good fun! Even I like to keep the straight look for as long as possible, but then you do have to return to reality sometime (sigh)....:D

    ISH - wish you the same!!! And about the pic....hmmm....need to check if anyone got just the hair :P :D

    A - wish you the same!!! I did make the burfi and a couple of other sweets too and people loved it, so culinary hurdle overcome!!! No major plans for new year's....just a potluck dinner at our place and I will be attempting for the second time - a mutton biriyani. Wish me luck!!!

  12. Shalom - u got patience... thanks a ton.. yea contemplating a new look for the new yr :D

  13. hey babes,

    Wishing you a very very happy new year. may each day of the year(s) ahead be filled with joy, happiness and cheers.

    PS: hope the back is fine now. take care. See you around soon.


  14. Amrita - you're welcome....hope the look was successful!!!

    A - yes, fit and fine now, thank you so much for asking. Wish you a very happy and peaceful New Year too!!!