Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Recipe: My Favourite Dip!

I am very passionate about food, I am very passionate about cooking, and I am very passionate about finding and sharing recipes. Sadly, that passion doesn't have the patience to note measurements (or take step-by-step photos!) as I cook so that I can share them with the blog world. Which is why I sincerely admire bloggers who do, like Renu, A and my more recent discovery - Lan. Kudos to you for your food blogs!!!

Anyway, even without precise measurements, I am still going ahead and sharing the following recipe here. Can't take credit for it; that goes entirely to my mom. I call it Herbed Cheese Dip; you can call it whatever you like :) And as it says in the title, this is one of my absolute favourite dips. Some of the reasons a particular recipe becomes a favourite is one, obviously because its yummy beyond belief :), two, because its incredibly easy, three, because its versatile and completely open to personal interpretation.

What I mean by the last point is that you can use this dip in many ways, and that the amount of specific ingredients depends entirely on your taste; use more or less of anything, as you like. So here it is:



1/2 cup feta cheese (or regular cheddar blocks / slices if feta's unavailable)
1 tsp mayonnaisse (healthier substitute: plain yoghurt)
1 green chilli deseeded (keep the seeds if you like the heat)
1 garlic clove (use more if you like the flavour)
5-6 mint leaves (or coriander, or both; again, use more as per taste)


Blitz all ingredients in mixie / blender till you get a smooth paste.

And that's it!!! Some important notes though:
- If you're using yoghurt, add it gradually till you get the consistency you like; if you add too much straight off, it might get too watery.

- You definitely don't need extra salt in this if you're using feta cheese; you probably won't with cheddar either, so taste the dip & then add salt if needed.

- This'll keep in an airtight container in the fridge for a few days.

Serving Suggestions:

1. The dip itself is vegetarian, but it goes well with all kinds of food like french fries, bhajis, potato chips, fried chicken, fish fingers etc.

2. If you make the paste a bit thicker using less mayo or yoghurt, you can use it as a spread for sandwiches, great for lunch boxes or a kids' party. For adults, you can spread it on crackers or Monaco biscuits and garnish attractively and voila! you have a canape ready!

3. If you have leftover white meat (not in curry form though!), you can blend it in too for a nice, chunky paste.



  1. Sounds yummy.....& easy too.

    Will try it out!!!!!!

    But Shalom .....u are luring me towards cheese when I'm trying to keep away from fattening stuff;-(

  2. Agnes9:27 PM


    LOL about your remark on measurements.

    How's the baby doing?

  3. seems to be vey yummy, going to try it with my children:)
    Thanks for linking me, actually slowly and slowly I want my food blog to be such that it could help anyone who wants to start cooking.plain and simple:)

  4. Reflections - :D (wish you could see exactly how angelic and innocent that smile is :P ..... I think I even have a halo!!!)

    Agnes - :D yeah I hardly ever follow exact measurements! Thanks for asking about the baby :), all well so far. I've a checkup later today, so will know more after that.

    Renu - you're very welcome :) I have to tell you again how much I appreciate the effort you're taking in maintaining your food blog, it is very good for kitchen newcomers :)

  5. yummm..i am so trying this soon...and i will reduce the cheese and use yogurt instead :)

  6. Hmmm. This sounds interesting. Will try it. I've tried another version of it, only with hung curd.Though I'm sure just because cheese is so sinful, it'll be tastier!!!! :)

  7. Looks absolutely yummmmmyyyy!!!!!

    Gimme a calorie count too :P

  8. A - yes!!! Good girl :D

    Mumbai Diva - Hung curd? Healthier option....will try that some time. But yeah, when you use more cheese, it is finger-licking good!!!

    Smriti - If I count calories, I get stressed out and stress is not good for health, therefore calorie-counting is not good for health :P :D

  9. Yum yum yummy. Will try it. I love dips.

  10. Solilo - please do!!! You won't be disappointed.

  11. hey, i tried this for my sat party and it was a great hit. I'll archive it in my recipe folder and will post it in my food blog with due credit sometime in the future :). Thanks for sharing

  12. A - Oh wow, you're totally welcome!!! I'm so glad your guests liked it :D