Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Bye-bye Blue Jeans

During the past couple of months, I made hay while the sun shone (and even when it didn't!): everytime we went out, I wore my more form-fitting tops ........ coz who knows when I'll be able to fit into them again??? No more right now, as I realised a couple of days earlier trying one of them on ...... the tummy has already begun its outward push!

So yesterday, I decided to reorganize one of my cupboard shelves, stacking the slimmer tees in the back. Also resigned to the back were some pants and capris, among them being my favourite blue jeans.

Now this may seem silly, but I actually had a lump in my throat as I folded this pair up. I've had them for maybe five years now, and they've been the absolute best pair of jeans I've ever owned! Dark blue, bootlegged, comfortable stretch denim that fit faithfully through thick and, ummm, not-so-thick ...... (sigh!)

I knew the last time I wore them (which was about a month ago), that it would be the last time I wore them ...... for a while at least. I was ok about it at the time, but yesterday, actually packing it off, it was like saying goodbye to a dear friend.

It was then that I realised that they were pretty much a constant companion over the last five years. Though I wear all kinds of clothing, I'm most comfortable in t-shirts & jeans, and this particular pair were the most comfy. I wore them every other week and took them with me on every trip, long or short.

And what I loved best about them was that they're not an overpriced, over-hyped "brand"; I'd bought them from a small store in Bombay for around Rs. 600-700 and despite being well-used, they're still going strong, unlike the crap from Lee / Levis which costs double that, but starts fraying out in a year (personal experience!) Comfort, style and value - all my purchase requirements met, making it one of my best buys!

Anyway, its time to move on to preggy-proofing my wardrobe now. Maternity-wear fashion is gearing up in India right now; I've seen ads of some really smart designs so hopefully I should have a lot of options that'll make the shopping fun! Top priority: a pair of comfy pants to replace my jeans ....... temporarily!

And to my beloved blues - we WILL get back together someday!!!


  1. Awwwww.....Shalom now I have a lump in my throat.
    I know, I know how it feels.....I still have my pair of Jeans, never worn after that. I've bot many after tht to accomodate the expanding waistline but just cdn't bear to throw this one away:-(

    "Maternity-wear fashion is gearing up in India right now"
    Oh yes it is...my neighbour is just back from b'lore with some good selections:-)).

    U tek care!!!!!!!

  2. U know I've come here thru UAE community blogs. The blogroll there showed U updated:-o

  3. Anonymous9:14 PM

    I am sure once you have that precious baby in your arms those jeans will become so unimportant... but I do understand.
    I am just so happy for you, Shalom... I think pregnant women are the most beautiful ones.

  4. Reflections - I don't mind giving off or chucking out old clothes, but somehow I think I will also hold on to this particular pair!

    And I just checked out the community blog; haven't been there in a few months so this new layout was a bit of a shock!!! I preferred the old look though.

    Agnes - you're absolutely right, actually holding the baby puts everything into perspective :D
    And pregnant women being the most beautiful??? I read somewhere that blood circulation improves during pregnancy & hence the "glow" in the face ..... maybe that's it! Though I still don't see any glow on mine :D

  5. Hey, congratulations:)

    I have been erratic in the blogging world, so I guess this is a wee bit late.

    As for the jeans....nah...they won't matter very soon.

  6. keep those jeans as the target to fit in after delivery:).

    I used to wear saree, so no problem of fitting in:) and surprising even after delivery I could control the wt, which I seem to be unable to do now:)

  7. Mumbai Diva - Thank you!!! Better late than never, I always say :D

    Renu - yes, the jeans would be a good motivator to shed weight after delivery, though I think taking care of a child full time will be exercise in itself, so who knows, maybe this time next year, I'll be back in them!

  8. Ha ha !! Forgive my laughing, yet i found the post a joyable read. It was as if you were writing a farewell ode to the Blue Jeans. ;)

    The Blue Jean would indeed miss you.

  9. Anonymous11:22 PM

    Yes, the glow but also something else... not sure what. I guess the fact that there's a baby in there... it;s just all so beautiful.

  10. i like your spirit -no final goodbyes...you will surely be able to wear it again in a years time :)

  11. Prashant - I'll probably laugh about this someday too :) It did read like an ode, didn't it?

    Agnes - guess you're right. Right now, I know the baby is there, active & all that, but it still seems a bit unreal, you know? So I'm waiting till I can begin to feel it move, which should be some time in the next few weeks :)

  12. Deeplydip - yeah as of now the feeling is that I lost weight once, I can definitely do it again. Let's hope life works out like that!

  13. i recognise the lump. i feel it everytime my fav does not fit me anymore and i have to shelf it. But you'll be back to your old self again :)

  14. A - yeah, keeping them around is one motivator to lose excess weight!