Thursday, September 18, 2008

Rat Tales

I was over at Reflections' blog, reading her post on a rat ..... invasion ??? no, too harsh a term for a single rat. Anyway, it brought to mind my own rat story, which I started to type as a comment over there......then realised well, this is too long for a comment, so I may as well turn it into a post.

A few years ago, someone accidentally left the drain cover underneath the kitchen sink open once. I was curled up in the living room which faces the kitchen and was leisurely reading away when I sensed some movement in front of me......a big fat rat scurries from under the sink across the kitchen and goes under the fridge. And I just froze!!! I must've sat there like 5 minutes just staring at that spot when my sister entered & looked at me in her usual way..... like I'm a bit slow in the head.

I told her what I saw & in the next instant, she's beside me on the sofa, legs up and we're both staring at the kitchen floor. After a few minutes we see the miserable thing run back to under the sink and we both cover our faces with cushions & smother our squeals .... coz mom was taking her afternoon siesta & if she didn't catch her one-hour nap, she was prone to headaches the following day.

So there we were .... two teenage girls (ok ok, in all honesty, I was about 20), quivering with fear on the sofa, cushions held in a deathgrip, till mommy woke up & came to our rescue. When we told her what'd happened, she looked at us like the ninnies we were and then stalked off to examine the drain under the sink. After poking around there a bit (and yes, we were still on the sofa while our mother was in the danger zone) and not finding anything, she declared that the rat must've returned back down the drain. She put the cover back firmly in place, and went about her work. Only then did sis and me gingerly keep our feet back on the floor and return to normal (or abnormal, as some would term it!)

Anyway, I guess its always easy to fall apart when you know there's someone who'll watch out for you. Thank you Mom!!!


  1. cute am like that with lizards! you cannot make me budge if I see one anywhere in my viewing range...

  2. yes I also fear snakes and lizards and i have lived in many places where snakes were plenty:), so rats for me are only nuisance, not something to be afraid of.
    but nice to read how teenagers react, so much like in movies they show fear of coackroaches:)

  3. Yeah we had a lot of lizards too thanks to the greenery all around. Some remedies though....egg shells & cloves scattered about, though I think cloves are more efficient at keeping lizards away.

  4. :P :P :P

    u shud read the stuff i wrote on lizards

  5. lizards do that to me, and my younger sister used to come for my rescue.. infact she wud be thrilled to bits on spotting a cockroah, and enjoy trapping and eventually killing it. yea, there are such girls too!

  6. Mystique Wanderer - thanks for the visit! Comin over there....

    ISH - hmmm, there are all kinds of ppl in this world!!!

  7. Heeeheeee this is a good story:-D. But the axe effect takes home the prize....tht was priceless:-D

  8. Reflections - deo companies should use this in their marketing :D :D