Saturday, September 20, 2008

The Axe Effect

Not that this blog is turning into some sort of house-pest-story center, but Mystique Wanderer (ahem!) kindly directed me to what he'd written on lizards, and that reminded me about our most recent lizard incident ..... cannot believe I forgot about this one!

I headed to the bathroom one night & pushed the door open only to see a lizard dash across the front of the door around to the back. Naturally, I screamed and dashed off to hubby, utterly traumatized at the thought of a lizard in my bathroom. Seeing my state, hubby very gallantly told me he would take care of it, and I went off to use the guest bathroom.

I could hear him moving around and the sounds of paper and plastic rustling, and when I came out, he stood there with a plastic bag securely knotted up in his hand, a big grin on his face. I asked him if the lizard was inside it. Yes, he replied proudly.

Amazed, I stared at him, wondering how on earth he'd managed to catch a lizard and that too in a matter of minutes. Just as I was about to ask him, my olfactory sense registered the presence of a very powerful fragrance.

"Did you spray your deo?????"

Still grinning, he described what he'd done: he managed to scare the lizard into coming out of the bathroom and onto the adjacent wall. He didn't want to kill it, but at the same time we needed it out of the house. So he placed a newspaper on the floor under the lizard and grabbed whatever aerosol was closest ..... in this case, Axe!!!

One good direct spurt and the lizard fell onto the paper. It was very much alive .... just moving around like a drunk. He scooped up the paper, lizard and all, into the plastic bag, tied it up and waited for me to make my entrance.

I just stared at him, stunned. The laughter only came after he went out, opened the bag and left it at the corner we leave our garbage in.

So there you have it, ladies & gentlemen, our version of The Axe Effect :D


  1. Good post!!!!!!!!!!
    If u scream at a lizard tht isze(yeah I knw the size of lizards in b'lore), the u have to see the one living in my house....he is so big that he can almost be called a gecko.
    hmmmm....the germination for a new post has just taken root:-P

  2. Reflections - actually this was an average size lizard.....what can I say, I'm a total wimp when it comes to these things :) Glad to have inspired the post.....

  3. i hate lizards...and i am squirming all over, reading this post! eww...

  4. Ha ha...u know my DH uses half his deo in such activities...almost every week at least one cockroach dies a perfumed death!!And lizards..they r so slimy...well written

  5. Anonymous8:08 PM


    I remember when I first saw a lizard.... I think my heart skipped 3 or 4 beats, LOL.

    They are harmless .... I can nevertheless understand your reaction ;-)

    By the way, are you from Balgalore, India? I've been to Bangalore about 5-6 times. I especially like Mysore and then also Bylakuppe (the Tibetan town). I love Asia and especially India and miss it very much sometimes.

    I got here from Nancy's site by the way. I read Nancy's blog, she's a great entertainer :-)

  6. Deeplydip - I was squirming too in those first minutes after spotting the miserable thing....and for a few days after. This happened a few months ago, and thankfully, no sightings since, so that's why I could comfortably type this out :)

    My Space - thanks!!! "Perfumed death" that expression!!!

    Agnes - I know your blog, visited a few times, again via Nancy :)
    I've only moved to Bangalore after marriage, and it so happens we visited Bylakuppe on our honeymoon :) Haven't been to Mysore yet....that's on the agenda.