Saturday, April 18, 2009

The Week That Was......

...... was pretty much a whirlwind. On second thoughts though, ordinarily, it wouldn't really have been hectic, but with me halfway through my pregnancy, I tend to tire out a lot easily than before.

We landed in Kerala right before Easter and spent a few days with hubby's folks. The rainclouds came along with us, so we were at least spared the usual heat for the most part (but not the humidity :( ) There was one excellent thunderstorm, and I can say 'excellent' because obviously, I enjoyed it from the warm & dry comfort of home :)

Between an Easter dinner at a relative's place and an engagement, we had a lot of socializing to do. I've observed that Kerala socializing is still largely segregated on a gender basis, especially in smaller gatherings. So I spent most of the time talking to various aunties and ammachis *, swapping pregnancy stories - basically, who threw up and how much, what foods make us nauseous and so on :D

But the highlight of this trip was that I got a chance to get all decked up in one of my silk saris!!! Despite it being meltingly humid (and me eventually wishing I could take the sari off), I think I carried myself a lot better than in previous attempts, so yaaay on the gracefulness-in-a-sari front!!!

The next day saw me on a plane early in the morning, headed for my maika* (sadly alone; hubby's leave situation is such that we need to preserve it all for when the baby comes). I landed in Dubai by noon, and got off at the spanking new Emirates terminal.

Like most places here, its all bright-lights and sparkling-tile gloss. But what had me absolutely gobsmacked were these huuuuge elevators that take you down to the ground level to Immigration and Baggage Claim. I guess they could take 30-40 people at a time, and they're completely automated with doors that sound an alarm (like subway trains) before closing. I was maha-impressed by that!!!

I got out fairly quickly, and settled in for the drive to Abu Dhabi. Again, I was gobsmacked by the many, many changes I saw ...... and its just been some 7 months since I was last here! The construction on the Bangalore Metro (at least in the MG Road area) has been as is since I first saw it in early 2008; but the Dubai Metro has made such giant leaps forward since last August!!!

Even within Abu Dhabi emirate, there has been soooo much development. Skeletons of buildings already several storeys high are up where there was just plain desert last year. The most fascinating construction was this building near the Al Raha Mall - its in the shape of a circle!!! Whatever people may say about the UAE (and anyone who's lived here for any length of time can say a lot!), no one can deny that things move here. The autocratic government works to the extent that things happen, and they happen fast.

Anyway, with the travel and the impact of all these changes, it took me a couple of days to settle in. I'm here for a couple of months, in which time I hope to get into a good exercise regime (despite the tempting food options!), get out and see my old haunts which should, Inshallah, translate into some fresh photographs!!!

Ammachi - grandmom in Malayalam
Maika - a woman's parents' house in Hindi


  1. hey you are in my geographical proximity. Welcome... and a million congrats on the pregnancy!

  2. I have all my saris locked, chifon, cotton and all. no idea when i'll get a chance to wear them again. I love wearing the sari and have no problem doing a marathon with it as well :D.
    btw, when are you due? have fun at home and put some pics.

  3. Shalom put a picture of urs in a sari:), i love saris, but in Chennai its so humid that 190 months out of a year I dont feel like wearing it.

  4. Tho Dubai is way hotter & more humid than Kerala but I always feel the hottest in Kerala.
    Precisely the reason why we hesitate to take off in July[school hols] & rather go in december.
    The worst r the tiny creepy crawlies which are all after my blood as soon as I land there;-S

    And I can so imagine the conversations u had with those ammachi's;-D

    "no one can deny that things move here"
    Yeah they used to but with the recession they r moving a bit too slowly nowdays.

    Better late than never let me Welcome U to UAE:-D!!!!!!!!"

  5. Goofy Mumma - thank you so much!!!

    A - Marathon in a sari??? Hmm, don't think I'll ever get there....I'll settle for just being able to walk confidently without tripping :D And I'm due in Sept. Still looking the same though, just a teeny lil bump :)

    Renu - Kerala is the same as Chennai. Thankfully, this was an evening function, so sari-wearing was more bearable. And I'll mail you a pic :D

    Reflections - December weather in Kerala was much better (though the folks there kept complaining about the 'tannap', and I was like 'huh????') Hubby was looking at me in disbelief when I told him what I was talking about with the ammachis :D And many thanks on the welcome!!!

  6. Meee too, me too, Mail me one too;-D

  7. whoa, Congrats..........I had no idea that you were on your way to motherhood ....I am so glad for you.....have fun and yes take care..sending tons of hugs your way :)

  8. hey heartiest congratulations!! have u announced b4 abt the pregnancy? i totally missed it..
    well, have a great time at home and do put up pictures.

  9. Reflections - ok :D

    Moi - thank you so much dear!!! :D

    ISH - thank you!!! Yes, I did announce the pregnancy March, I think, a post titled 'Great Expectations' :D

  10. Shalom, congrats on the pregnancy! I think we have been blogging in and out from whence you were single :) .... and now you will be joining the mother's club :) .... keep us posted on your days ahead..... i have visted kerala for a 10 day vacation trip. absolutely loved it.

  11. Preethi - gosh, now I'm nostalgic!!! You were one of the first people to comment here.....thanks for staying through :D And Kerala is very relaxing (minus the humidity!)

  12. wow!!!! Have a great time at the maika!!!!

  13. Amrita - thanks girl!!!