Friday, February 20, 2009

Unforgettable: From the Oscars Red Carpet

The biggest film awards show on the planet is a few days away, and I'm more excited about who wears what, rather than who wins what. Its great fun to check out the showstoppers, the showfloppers and the in-betweens ...... even my always-been-a-tomboy-don't-care-about-fashion lil sister enjoys commenting on the stars' attire!
But then barely a couple of days later, we've forgotten all about those dresses and moved on to the next big event. However, in the past two years at the Oscars, there have been two gowns that I have not forgotten. Or more accurately, not forgotten because of who was wearing them.

I haven't seen any of Helen Mirren's movies (except for Raising Helen and National Treasure 2, which don't count since she had minor roles in both), and am not really sure if I want to see The Queen, for which she won Best Actress at the 2007 Oscars. In fact, I hadn't even heard of her before she was nominated. But one look at her on the red carpet that evening and she made a lasting impression.

Here's Helen Mirren again at the 2008 Oscars.

I was completely speechless when I saw her ..... isn't she just stunning for someone in her 60s??? Sexy and classy, I felt she was the best-dressed lady at both events, totally outshining the younger lot.

I'm largely clueless about the fashion world, unlike my friend Deeplydip, so I have no idea who the designers are, or who supplied the accessories. I just know that despite seeing so many red carpet shows since that time, and forgetting still many more outfits, I still vividly recall Helen Mirren dazzling the eye in these two gowns.

And as so many female commentators noted at the time, I too hope I look that good when I grow up! Or even half as good!!!


  1. well hmmm red dress seemed a bit tight at the tummy.. but yea the lady has charm

  2. I'm waiting for the oscars too...but mostly for who wins what... Just saw THE READER a few days ago and think Kate Winslet deserves an oscar. She looks gorgeous any which way so just hoping her dress will live up to her too ..

    Helen Mirren is one Diva... Somehow feel the Brits have better fashion sense...although not my area to speak :P Cheers! :)

  3. Anonymous9:11 PM

    she does look good, doesn't she?

  4. she looks really good! and i agree with you - if only we can look half as good as her when we age...sigh...
    and thanks a lot for the mention! I try to find the designers etc because i genuinely enjoying doing so...
    and hey you must watch "the queen"...its a nice movie...helen is really good in it...

  5. Sixties and that good. amazing.

  6. I also saw Raising Helen and liked the movie, but I didnt know , she is 60 yrs old, amazing...:)

  7. Amrita - yeah they need to wear all sorts of special underwear to fit into those gowns :)

    Smriti - I have a lot of movies to catch up on & The Reader is definitely one of them. And Kate Winslet is one of those truly natural beauties!

    Agnes - 100% yes!!!

    Deeplydip - you're welcome! I'm glad for Styalogue coz that's my only guide to the fashion world....I heard of names like Bottega Veneta, Judith Leiber & so on for the first time on your site, so thanks!!! And I will watch The Queen too someday....I have to be in a certain mood to watch serious films :D

    Goofy Mumma - tell me about it!!!

    Renu - I didn't know Helen Mirren was in it till I saw it recently, coz its a small part, not very publicised, but she looks good there too.

  8. For a 60yr old she's mindblowing......& whats more, she oozes depth from every pore.

    The tabloid from Gulf News devotes a few pages to it...& ofcourse now we have our own Styalogue....I too go chasing Deeplydip's page, once some awards function happens somewhere;-D

  9. You have been tagged..for the Picture tag !

  10. Wishing you belated happy Bday ! what did u do?

  11. Internet on the blink again?????

  12. you are so right that hers looks the classiest. beautiful indeed. i never understood their best dressed list anyway:-)

  13. Reflections - yeah, its not just her physical appearance, there's that depth too thats really attractive. Rightly put!

    Renu - doing the tag. Thanks for the wishes!!! Was a quiet celebration this year.

    Reflections - nope, just me this time :-S

    Ian - yeah, this year I couldn't understand the so-called best dressed either!