Friday, January 30, 2009

Back from the Break!

I'll be the first to say that I've been a sloppy blogger lately. Three weeks since my last post, and not for a lack of things to write about. Much has happened, and I guess I've just been sorting my thoughts out.

My family had come down to India for a couple of weeks. We spent the first week at home in Bombay, a continuous bustle of activity, first in getting the house cleaned up (and then making sure it remained that way through the rest of the stay!), then in meeting relatives and old friends, squeezing in the all-important shopping whenever we could, and sometimes, just taking a breather and chilling out at home, enjoying each other's company again :)

We each rummaged through our cupboards and cabinets, going over stuff that we'd deemed to have too much sentimental value to throw out; wiped off the dust that had covered them during the past year, and then returned them to their places ..... to gather more dust during 2009!

I pulled out our old photo album collection, and we pored over the memories. My sis & I shuddered over some truly disastrous and censorable childhood pictures of the two of us and I fortunately managed to sneak them out; it was sis's job to hide them in a place where our doting parents wouldn't find them and be tempted to show them around {shudder, shudder}.

That week passed by all too quickly and before we knew it, it was bye-bye Bombay and Hello Bangalore. The new, sparklingly spacious airport at Bangalore seriously impressed the family, coming as we were, from the depressing dullness of the Bombay domestic terminal (they told me the international airport had deteriorated still further ..... sigh!)

I had braced them for the long drive home, given that we live quite far from the new airport and we'd arrived during the evening rush hour. But surprisingly, it took only two hours to reach home (I had expected three!).

Hubby had neatened and tidied up our apartment for his in-laws, and my family were quite impressed with all the decor improvements we'd made to the place. It was also my sister's first visit to our home and I was especially thrilled that she liked it. Of course, that delight may have just been for our TV, considering that a TV junkie like herself had just spent a week in Bombay without one!

We ended up spending most of our time relaxing at home, save for a couple of shopping trips, and the only sights seen were the mass of shops and humanity on Brigade Road. My sister discovered the game of squash at our clubhouse, and in the process, discovered the pitiful state of her fitness! A more shocking revelation was my dad's state of fitness: far, far superior than any of us had given him credit for, as he proceeded to run sis ragged almost every morning of their stay!

The highlight of the visit, and indeed, the reason for it, was (ahem!) our first anniversary. Yup, last week, hubby & I completed one year of married life. It was a quiet celebration ..... well, except for the balloons bursting!

Hubby's bro and sis-in-law joined us in the evening and we had dinner at Ebony, one of our favourite restaurants, located on the 13th floor of a building on M.G. Road. We sat on the balcony, enjoying a fine meal with a finer view of Bangalore at night down below us. The ladies were all suitably cloaked and jacketed against the chill breeze, but the men? Well, the men were men, and so manfully insisted they weren't cold. Right!

A couple of days later, the folks headed back (sigh!) But this is the optimistic me, so I'm glad for whatever time we got together and already looking forward to the next visit :)


  1. Anonymous11:36 PM

    Oh, it sounds like a lot of fun! And Shalom, don't worry about those old photos... the 80s were rough on all of us :-)

  2. now i know why you've not been blogging. Missed you girl. hope to see you often now. and to welcome you back, there's an award for you. step right into my blog and take it away :)

  3. Wishing you a belated happy anniversary,and many many more like this ! Glad to see you back:)

  4. Agnes - yes it was great fun! For me, it was the 90s too ..... looking at some of my pictures from back then, I just wondered what the hell I'd been thinking at the time :D

    A - hey thanks!!! I missed you guys too, and have loads of catching up to do.

    Renu - thank you so much!!! Its great to be back :)

  5. hey congratulations! that was some good quality time with your famil...glad for you and now look forward to more regular posts from you :)

  6. Deeplydip - thanks, I'm really glad for me too :)

  7. AH! u had fun on ur first anniv... good wishes on that.. and hope u both grow more in love with each other with each coming year

  8. All's forgiven.....cant hold u ransom for having fun:-D

  9. And I forgot.....Wishing u a very Happy Anniversary...the first is always very special.

    Ebony used to be our fav haunt when we had a 'solid' reason to celebrate during college years. Solid in quotes coz it used to empty our pockets for the rest of the month;-P
    Even now when my friends & I meet up, we go there atleast once to relive oldtime memories.

  10. Amrita - thank you so much!!!

    Reflections - see, I have a good excuse ;D And thank you so much for the wishes! And I totally agree on Ebony .... its great but greatness definitely comes at a price!

  11. Anonymous3:14 AM

    Shalom - LOL I do know what you mean!

  12. belated happy anniversary.. and wish me the same:)
    now we know what u have been upto! must have been fun
    and hey, write already!!!