Thursday, November 27, 2008


Repeatedly. Relentlessly. Ruthlessly.
That's how they work. That's how they attack.
For what?
Money? Power? Revenge? Religion?
No excuse justifies this kind of coldbloodedness.
I feel wrung-out, and I'm only watching it on tv.
What of those right in the middle of this nightmare?
What of their frantic loved ones?
What of those bravehearts risking everything to end this?
Nearly 20 hours now ....... how much longer?
Life will limp back to normalcy.
But how 'normal' will it really be?
We think we live in a free country,
but as long as terror goes unpunished,
we all remain hostages to that bit of fear.
May there be justice at the end of this madness.


  1. Anonymous6:32 PM

    I know. So very sad. So very sorry.

  2. One never knows how long can we go on like this. I've been watching the news since 11 last night and feel so hopeless... media makes a circus out of all this and its sort of a competition between news channels about who gave what news first...f**k!!! Innocent lives were lost there and how much longer before all this can come to a closure?? who has the answers?

  3. the aren't getting money , power.. revenge for what? and certainly no religion teaches this
    it is so saddening
    all we will hear is good speech on terrorism from politicians tomorrow
    we can just hope.

  4. i'm so sad. everytime we get back on our feet these bloody people attack. i wonder....don't they have a heart? do they not see a person like their mother, father, brother, sister when they full the trigger? i'm still shocked and it will be a while before i get over this. mumbai is my home.

  5. Agnes - its such a terrible ordeal, and because they want to ensure the safety of the hostages, even the best of the armed forces must go slow.

    Smriti - I agree that usually the news agencies all compete, but this time they've been more sensitive. And I have to respect people like Srinivasan Jain who was there for more than a day in front of the Taj; you could see the exhaustion in his eyes later but they still stood there, committed to bringing us at home the news.

    ISH - speeches are not going to be enough, its high time we see some strict action.

    A - I know.....just when we think we're over one attack, another one happens. And no, I don't think these terrorists have a heart, all they have is hate.

  6. It will be over soon. Lets hope.

  7. so true. agree with you completly.
    W've had enough of this for a long time. It's time now to take some serious action

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  9. Goofy Mumma - 60-odd hours, as it turns out....not soon enough, nowhere near soon enough.

    Deeplydip - heads are rolling, but that's not the only action needed now.