Sunday, October 26, 2008

Lighting Up for Diwali

Yesterday night while coming back home, I was craning my neck out the window to see if I could spot any lights up for Diwali. I could, but only in the zillion-and-one stores we passed along the way, and those don't count, because businesses commercialize everything and create festivals even when there are none.

Closer to home, we passed some of our neighbouring residential buildings, but only one apartment had lights on in their balcony. I was more hopeful as we turned in towards our lane, but to my shock and disappointment, not a single flat had anything special going on.

I think one of the greatest things about India is how we go all out to celebrate our festivals, and after two years away from this festive cheer, I was really looking forward to Diwali because Ganesh Chaturthi and Navratri were pretty low-key here (at least where we stay), as compared to the atmosphere in Bombay. Even though none of these has a religious significance for me, it is nevertheless great fun to celebrate and I always have this warm feeling inside whenever any festival comes around, regardless of religion.

Anyway, earlier this night as we were coming back home, I still looked around, and one or two more places had lights on. At least that was something, I thought. But then we saw our building, and hubs and me both shouted out happily. There were our neighbours' balconies, all dripping with colourful lights!!! In front of the gate, children stood with sparklers and in the distance, we could hear the first of the firecrackers start to go off.

Its now a couple of hours later, and the firecrackers are going strong. My festive spirit has now received a rejuvenating boost and I'm all set to celebrate too! Out will come my candles and tealights! I'm also planning to attempt besan ka laddoo, one of my favourite sweets, which, back in the old days, a friend of my grandmother's used to make and send for me. Wish me luck on that front, and wish all who read this a Very Happy and bright Diwali :)


  1. Anonymous10:16 PM

    Beautiful, just beautiful.
    Candles are truly beautiful... and they make everything around themselves beautiful...

  2. awww..i loveeeeeeeee besan ka the recipe pleaseee.
    have an enchanting diwali.


  3. Agnes - I completely agree, its amazing what just a single candle can do to a room!

    A - Ok, will do in a couple of days; we've already got other mithai here, so just trying to do the responsible thing & finish that off before adding to the stock!

  4. i love diyas, no electric lights for me.. and besan ka ladoo

    happy diwali!! have a good one:)

  5. let us know how the besan ladoos turned out to be..:)

  6. So how was the besan ka laddoo?
    My H want everything-candles,diyas and electric lighting:)

  7. So how did the BKL turn out:-D????

    u knw how it is here:-S....but we compensate when we go home for christmas....we buy lots & lots of crackers & burst it:-D

  8. ISH - yeah, somehow candlelight turns out to look better than electric lights.

    Renu - my hubby wants all kinds of lights too now for Christmas :)

    Reflections - in Abu Dhabi, there's no way of telling its Diwali time, but at least in Dubai I think there are some places like Meena Bazaar area which are totally lit up.

  9. Anonymous9:02 AM

    Love the Diwali street shot on your other blog. I bought my favorite pair of jeans in Bangalore on Brigadier Road a couple of years ago... Bangalore is such a great city... I'd like to be in India for next year's Diwali.

  10. Thanks Agnes! Yes, Diwali in India is a great experience, don't miss it!