Monday, February 25, 2008


Blogger's block. Soooo much has happened in my life since the turn of the year, actually since the last few months of the old year, but I can't find the words to put it all together. I've been meaning to, wanting to, been playing the words around in my head, but I can't.....blogger's block. Or is it?

Now that I'm actually putting this down, I'm realizing that its not really a block. I feel. Soooo much that its just too huge to put into words. 'Humbled', 'awed', 'grateful', 'loved'.....they begin to cover it, but only just. So I think I'll leave the words aside, and simply feel. Feel all of these things, and above all of them, feel blessed. Blessed for the family I was born into, blessed for the family I just got married into, blessed for my man.


  1. Oh my! Congratulations shalom. You are pretty secretive aren't you!? :) wow. So have taken your baby steps towards one of the most precious relationships you'd ever encounter right? May you be blessed with everything that's good on dear old Earth.
    Happy Married life :)
    Do keep us all posted :)

  2. Thank u so much Preethi!!! Yes, this is totally one of the most precious & beautiful relationships in my life & I'm lovin' every moment!!!

  3. Lirun - :) back at you!