Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Life is a Cycle

Picking up where I left off:

Life is a cycle…
and I'm learning to ride.
Though I fall
more often than I move ahead,
beyond the burn
of every bruise
lies a lesson
waiting to be learnt:
sometimes in confidence,
sometimes in humility;
sometimes in turning the other cheek,
sometimes in an eye for an eye.

Contradictions? Yes.
For isn't that the answer
to cycling well:
Finding your balance.

© me


  1. It is a cycle.. which goes nowhere...

    We feel, we move ahead watching, understanding, dodging, ignoring... .... though... all along.. we are there... still there

  2. "beyond the burn
    of every bruise"
    Yes, balance it is.
    Nice finish for a lovely start.

  3. Sathish - "goes nowhere"....bit negative, isn't it? The whole point of life is to evolve & grow spiritually, so I would at least hope to get 'somewhere'....& I think I am!

    Preethi - many thanks :)