Sunday, March 22, 2009

Hello New Blues!!!

Yesterday was the first time I set foot in a department store in over two months - quite a break for a weekend-window-shopping-loving person. We headed straight to the baby & maternity-wear section, and it was such a thrill to see all the teeny-tiny lil clothes!!! Even the outfits for older kids were so unbelievably cute ...... ah, to be a child today!!!!!

But then we got down to the business at hand - getting the mama some clothes :) The maternity-wear selection was very basic at this particular store, but to my absolute delight ........ there was a pair of jeans very similar to my old favourites!!! I tried them on, and man, I cannot describe how incredibly comfortable they were!!!

In fact, I would recommend that if, like me, you struggle with a lil extra tummy weight (even ordinarily!), go in for a pair of maternity-wear jeans, seriously!!!


  1. Oh Shalom, I'm so happy for you! I wear maternity clothes a lot (mainly shirts) because I think they are so comfortable, LOL

  2. :D :D I seem to be having tummu trouble lately...wil think abt the maternity jeans :p

    And I agree kids today have such pretty pretty clothes...I so envy the clothes i pick up for my neice... such lovely frocks and skirts and shoes and ...god!!

    Mommy...why wasnt I born today?? :(

  3. Agnes - you know, from your pictures it doesn't seem at all like you'd need maternity shirts!

    Smriti - plz do consider the maternity jeans if you want a comfort fit around the waist. The legs of the pair I picked up are a straight fit, not loose & baggy, so it still looks smart.

  4. oooooo... soo chweeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!! me too will try em i think :D

  5. so happy u got ur pair:-))

  6. Amrita - you'll be pleasantly surprised!

    A - my sentiments exactly!!!

    Reflections - thank you dear :)