Monday, December 15, 2008

Back in the Saddle!

What an incredibly busy weekend its been! But in the happiest way possible!!!

I had been looking forward so eagerly to this Christmas, but recent events had considerably crushed that Christmas spirit and try as I might, I just couldn't make myself feel that bubbly joy I usually carry around this time of year.

But once I was past that initial gloom, I realised again how special this Christmas is: its our first together, in our first home. And then I was determined to do my best to make it a good one.

First, we (or rather I!) wrote out our Christmas cards. I have always loved the whole process of buying/making cards, bringing out the glittering ink pens to write out people's names and even sticking stamps on the envelopes! Although if I'd mentioned that last part to hubby, I'm sure he'd have insisted I go to the post office too!

Second, we put up our tree and started decorating it, carols playing in the background (with the occassional rock song in between ...... hubby was the DJ after all :-D). I happily started hanging up ornaments and draping ropes of bells and tinsel all around, and then hubby came in with the lights. Lessons learnt: always, always put the lights in first!

I wanted some of the lights placed inside, closer to the trunk, and those wires got tangled with the tinsel and blocked the ornaments till we had one twisted mess, so ultimately we had to take everything off and start all over again. But even when it was done, I couldn't help going back and adjusting some of the ornaments, redraping the tinsel, and the image in my head, strangely, is that of the mother of a bride - fussing away till the beloved daughter looks just so!!!

Then we moved on to our wreath and some other little bits and bobs. Hubby wanted to get a hook from which to hang our wreath because its a bit heavy, but I felt that just tape would do, and after much, umm, discussing and debating, we went with my solution.

Somehow, over the past few months, we've ended up with a selection of tapes that would rival that of any stationery store: so we have double-sided tape, clear double-sided tape, heavy duty mounting double sided tape, duct tape and the regular old Scotch cellotape. Using a complex combination of these, hubby at last got our wreath fixed firm (I hope!)

We finished up with the rest of the stuff that needed to be stuck, and then, in the middle of the mess that was our living room, we stood arm in arm, grinning ear to ear, surveying our handiwork, finally feeling Christmassy!!!

Now carrying that optimism on to Phase 2. In case you wondered what the title of this post means, well, I'm absolutely determined to make some sweets for Christmas and I plan to start the first one - coconut burfi - today. This time around, I will make sure I have a lot of time, I will measure my ingredients correctly (and then stick to them!), and I will definitely, totally follow the instructions to the letter ....... (deep, calming breaths) ......


  1. All the best!! I am going to stick to plain simple cake stuff. ;)

  2. "...always, always put the lights in first!"
    I second that!!!!!!!!
    U knw in many ways there are similarities in our lives:-D

    Its our very 1st christmas on our own[till last year my in-laws were here].
    We too put up our christmas tree last week. It was the 1st time better half & I did it coz my energetic FIl & kids wd always do it before.
    And the wreath, I cdnt make out where exactly u put it but we put ours on the front door...& we did the same with all kinds of tapes before settling it with....actually dunno coz better half did it:-D.
    And When BH came back from South Africa he brot a quite a few choclate Santas & Reindeers which are dwindling in numbers by the day:-(.
    And I've cut all the dried fruits & am waiting for the rum to reach. Hopefully I get it atleast by this evening:-P.

    p.s: How come I didnt think of putting up a post on this;-S.

  3. Goofy Mumma - thanks!!! I really need it.....can't believe I used to think Indian sweets would be easier to make than cakes!!!

    Reflections - I used to help my dad decorate, but he'd always do the heavy work :), so this was a first-time learning experience for me, hubby too :D. Santa in chocolate form sounds yummy :D :D

    Our wreath is on the door, but inside the house, one, for our personal viewing pleasure, and two, because I don't trust the bratty neighbouring kids!

  4. Merry Christmas Shalom.

    Sometimes it's a pain to put up all the decorations but at the end it's so worth it, isn't it?

  5. wow..sounds so christmasssyy...My tree is also up but decorations are pending but my wreath is up with double sided tape :D.

    I'm making Chritsmas goodies too and will have a basket for all my friends....i'll be missing family here :(. Top of my list is the plum cake....can't do withone one.

    hey...where is my christmas card?

    have fun

  6. Agnes - Merry Christmas to you too!!! Oh yes, the end result is definitely worth all the effort :D

    A - the decoration process never really gets over, does it? There's always just that lil bit more that can be done ;) I'm doing the goodies thing too.....I hope the family likes them, coz these are very different from the traditional Kerala preparations during Christmas.

  7. I also love the festival of much of festive spirit...and those beautiful decorations, is so much of fun. My H always used to bring some gift for my kids, now they are grown up but still ask him:)

  8. Phew!! I got tired imagining all the decorations you did...:)

    Although agnostic, I somehow like the idea of Christmas (mostly coz of all the yummy food...and the plum cakes...yummmm). Something warm about the festival...warms up my tummy too :)

    All the best with the cooking...err...I wouldnt mind some Coconut barfi you know :P

  9. have a wonderful Christmas...yest coincidentally happened to watch an episode of scrubs season 1 and it was abt christmas! hmm i felt christamssy then itself.. :D
    have a wonderful first christmas together!

  10. Renu - yes, there's something very uplifting about Christmas decorations, and I can totally understand your childrens' point of view ;D

    Smriti - we were exhausted afterwards, but in a nice, cheerful way!!! And the door here is always open for barfi seekers :D

    Amrita - thank you, and wish you the same!!! Now that you mentioned Scrubs, I have an urge to watch a few seasons on dvd thanks to a friend who loves to download stuff ;D

  11. Oh I can so hear the carols and the hymns in my head from school to college to hostel... all my growing up years this time around the year have been so Christmassy as u say. Here's wishing Bernie and u a SPLENDID Christmas this year and all the years to come!

    Jingle bells jingle bells... jingle all the way....

  12. TW - thank you, and wish you & M the same!!!