Tuesday, October 07, 2008

The Addiction Tag

Tagged again by Reflections, to post five of my addictions and here they are:

1. CHOCOLATE - my first true love!!!

2. Books - I am a voracious reader and I feel like something's missing if there are no books in the house waiting to be read. In my school days, I was a member of three libraries and during vacations, I would have at least four books at the same time - a Nancy Drew / Hardy Boys, an Enid Blyton school story, an Agatha Christie and an Archie comic - so I could pick & choose depending on my mood. Same goes now as well: I'm in the middle of a Christine Feehan goth romance & Yann Martel's Life of Pi - the latter has been on hold for a while coz it got a bit disturbing.

3. Music - I love listening to music, its how I unwind. I need a few minutes of not-so-quiet time every day - just me & the music & my thoughts, although this need was more pressing earlier when I was studying & working.

4. Games - no, no, I'm not the athletic type at all..... except for badminton & table tennis :) What I mean is, I have phases where I get hooked on to board games, card games, computer games etc. Spider Solitaire has caught my interest again and I'm desperately trying to crack the 'difficult' level. Also, last month my nephew re-introduced rummy to all of us and we had a blast!!! I am just dying to play again, and am irritating hubby constantly :D ....... would help if we got a pack of cards first though :D

5. Tea - this is the only, I suppose, serious addiction I have: I need my morning & evening cup of tea. Without it, I actually suffer headaches. Earlier, I thought I needed a mid-morning cup of coffee too, but now I have days when I can comfortably go without it, so yay..... although frankly, its not such a hardship to skip it considering the rubbish I make in the name of coffee! But it is definitely a must-have on weekends ...... why??? Because hubby makes coffee then, and it is a-ma-zing!!!

The rest of the instructions for this tag ..........The persons who have been tagged have to link the blogger who tagged them and also extend the tag to five or more bloggers and link them too.

So I pass this on to: Agnes, Diligent Candy, Preethi, Swats and Thought Warp.


  1. Anonymous12:18 AM

    thnx shalom
    my addictions r more or less the same :)


  2. Ur welcome Swats :)

  3. Few addictions are i think same for everyone:)

  4. Interesting....except for the Tea part of it, the rest is more or less the same. Only thing i dont get the time to pursue my reading:-(

  5. Renu - I know! I wish I had more interesting addictions though :D

    Reflections - I know what you mean about not getting time to read .... probably would be in the same boat after work & kiddies come along :)

  6. Thanks for the tag but I am terrible at tags! My worst addiction is probably New York cheese cake. Don't smoke (though I did for a couple of years) don't drink, don't do drugs so I guess I am pretty boring ;-)

  7. Agnes - oooh yes, I'm still trying to find the perfect cheesecake :D

  8. hey, come to think of it, Those are my exact addictions.. except for the chocolate bit.i have been tagged on this, think i am going to copy paste this one ;)

  9. ISH - cool!!! What's in place of the chocolate though?