Saturday, August 09, 2008

Hell's Chicken

Well, I'm back for a month-long sojourn in the sandlands, and quite determined to capture slices of life this time round (as best as I can manage without being clobbered by my camera-weary family). Stepped out to pick up some good ol' Lebanese food last night......

...... and here it is, one of the sights that warms my non-vegetarian heart :)


  1. Meee toooo, mee toooooooooo:-))
    ....I like the spiced version of it better...with yummy hamoos & garlic sauce.
    Actually just had some yesterday but still cant stop drooling over it:-P

  2. I know, its awesome isn't it? But my absolute favourite is the just don't get stuff like that in India.

  3. I like shawarmas but my favourite is the mixed platter....& I always manage to filch the marination- juice/oil-soaked kuboos which is placed under the kababs:-P
    U get all these items in India but somehow that 'taste' is missing.

  4. haha...mine too :DDD
    you are talking about not getting stuff like that in India...think of my plight here in US!!!

  5. My sympathies Moi!!!